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Like ResearcherID, data associated with Scopus can be exchanged with ORCID. 2020-11-03 · A Scopus Author ID is automatically generated the first time one of your publications is indexed in Scopus. In Scopus, search for your name or one of your indexed publications and go to your Author Details page (accessed by clicking on your name when it appears in a search results list, a source document details page, or a document details page). Some journals are insisting to mention their scopus author id to submit their journal. I don't know how to find out Scopus Author ID. I tried in all way.

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This feature is useful for distinguishing between institutions with similar names, and in combining work from institutions that have been cited differently by authors or across time. You can search using the Scopus Affiliation Identifier from the Affiliation , Author , and Advanced search forms. The Scopus Author Identifier assigns a unique number to groups of documents written by the same author via an algorithm that matches authorship based on a certain criteria. Scopus author ID can be used for the following purposes: collects an author's various names and adds these names under one author identifier Scopus Author Identifiers are system generated: if you have an article indexed in Scopus, you will have an ID. However, this means that you may have more than one ID generated if you have published with variant names and affiliations (e.g. Clarke, G and Clarke, GC). Find yourself in Scopus by using the Author search option.

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To check your Scopus Author profile, visit the Scopus website (available when using the University’s IP range or via the VPN) or use the free to access preview version if your institution does not subscribe to Scopus).. Choose the ‘Author Search’ tab from the Search menu and enter your details. 2020-11-03 Authors with publications indexed in Scopus are automatically assigned a Scopus Author ID. Users can search the lookup tool to locate an author's profile, which includes the identifier, references, citations of work, h-index, and subject areas.

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Scopus is a subscription-based service, but when you are on the campus network, you probably have access to it. But even if you do not have access via your institution, you can use the free author look-up to query your h-index. Request to edit author profile if there are any missing publications from your Scopus Author Profile. (Remember, you can only add publications indexed in Scopus to your profile. See coverage from the bottom of this page.Note that it takes about 2-3 months for a newly published article to be indexed in Scopus.) Scopus Author ID is automatically generated if you have a paper in the database so registration for a Scopus Author ID is not required.

In this report, you can see easily which journals are active or inactive. Identidad digital: Scopus Author IDSerie: Identidad digital, posicionamiento y promoción de los profesionales de Ciencias de la SaludFecha de grabación: 05-0 Each author could be turned into a link back to the scopus author page, for example, the title could be linked to the scopus abstract page, etc… The citations could be a button that automatically updates (like the one in this post ). Scopus nos proporciona la siguiente información sobre cada autor: Información sobre su filiación actual . Tras clicar en "Show all author info", variantes del nombre, información histórica sobre las filiaciones y áreas de investigación, así como número de identificación (Author ID) y enlace a Orcid.
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Примерный вариант письма: Please, correct the Affiliation in my Scopus. Author ID account (укажите ID автора) because it is incorrectly specified.

Q. av U Nyman · 1996 — Ulf Nyman, Michael D. Dake. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › peer-review. 3 Scopus citations. Overview · Fingerprint; 0More  Uranoscopidae (Stargazers) Etymology: Uranoscopus: Greek, ouranos = sky + Greek skopein = to watch (Ref.
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Scopus uniquely combines a comprehensive, expertly curated abstract and citation database with enriched data and linked scholarly literature across a wide variety of disciplines.